Samsung’s 42 inches of pure perfection

It’s a simple mistake to make I presume. I work in the dark and, as a result, am often scarcely getting up at midday. At time of writing, it is just gone 4AM (and I don’t expect to be asleep for a minimum another hour). So, I groggily say goodbye to my gf as she gets up for work at 7AM whereas I doze until about 10.30 or 11.00, before getting up and planning to work on my ‘fun’ tasks like internet comics, novels and attending internet literature seminars.


Once nighttime rolls around yet again, I come back to my trade work (the stuff that pays), that is why this case will end with the blatant attempt to hawk you a telly (just in case you were thinking).


The real highlight of my day is when said girlfriend arrives home from her job. She puts down a LOT of overtime and she goes to 2 weekly dance classes, so we do not get to spend a huge quantity of time together, especially as her working time comes to an end as mine begins (she can also be far less misanthropic than her partner and, for a consequence, in fact has a air of a social life).


There is a short, shining phase where we eat food (usually fondly prepared by me) and quiet down to watch TV together. We are both Sci-Fi nerds, so we tend to watch a fair bit of ‘Star Trek’ in its a variety of incarnations, but we also like ‘Cheers’ ‘Seinfeld’ ‘Frasier’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ as well as numerous others.


That may not sound like a good deal of an thrilling day, especially as the most exciting part is watching television, but it really is loads of fun. Sometimes I wish it were more outlandish (and I once, in all honesty, really tried to persuade her to stow away with me on a cruise liner), but watching Television with my partner is really the high point of my day.


Brace yourself; here comes the sales pitch. Essentially, if we had the new Samsung 42-Inch LED Television, we could increase that tiny bit of ‘us’ time even further. About the evenings after we wanted to watch the full movie, specially something as superbly photographed as my current favourite movie ‘The Hunter’ starring Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill and Frances O’Connor; we’d be absolutely spellbound.


The Samsung smart Television, with its greater film quality plus the chance for studio-quality sound output, could provide a new lease of life to any variety of old favourites, in addition to badass newcomers like ‘Skyfall’.


Furthermore to the, the Samsung 42 inch LED TV allows for use of apps like ‘Youtube’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Netflicks’ most of which might obviously be additional functional.


I recall being at college and having to write down an essay on how Television was an awful creation that’s tearing at the fabric of contemporary relationships, all I can say is that, in my current relationship, I’ve found it being quite the opposite.


If you watch Television even half as often as we do, then you owe it to yourself to buy a good one (unless you can’t afford it, of course, then you owe it to yourself to start saving up and bookmark this page for a later re-read). Joyful viewings!