Putting Down The Poison: Is The Computer Mouse Dead?

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In the era of touch-screens, styluses and those weird little Nokia plectrum dealies (what is up with those exactly?) we have to ask questions about the future of the humble mouse. Is he now considered vermin? Do we cast him aside, banishing him to the world of grammar phones, 8-track tapes and pet rocks?


The other night, I watched Star Trek IV (yeah, the one with the whales) and apart from the fact that it had aged considerably better than the vast majority of mid 80’s movies, I noticed one thing in particular. Mr. Scott, when faced with a 20th Century computer, had no idea what a mouse was. At first, he considers it to be some sort of audio device and talks into it.  Have we always considered the mouse a means to an end? A necessary device that will be outmoded by progress? Considering this, I thought about more science fiction (increasingly where we draw our designs for contemporary technology from) and realized that appearances by any sort of hand-held computer interfaces were limited almost exclusively to communications devices and those wrist-things (even then they talked into them more than they pushed buttons) So, are the little mouse’s days numbered? Continue reading Putting Down The Poison: Is The Computer Mouse Dead?

TECH NEWS: Tycoon Unveils ‘Hyperloop’ Transport Project

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American entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of website Paypal.com (as well as many other companies/ventures), has this month unveiled a potentially revolutionary form of travel.

The ‘Hyperloop’ would hypothetically connect the US cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco by transporting commuters at near supersonic speeds. By using a system of magnets and fans, the Hyperloop would be able to travel between the sprawling cities in about 30 minutes. Continue reading TECH NEWS: Tycoon Unveils ‘Hyperloop’ Transport Project

The Samsung 22-inch Smart Television that offers too much and takes little

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HBO is not TV, seemingly, which means that TV is not HBO by designation. However that slogan works or doesn’t work (and we could perhaps go a few rounds over that one), the one thing that TV certainly is (at the very least these days) is SMART.


The standard tv, seemingly saddened at being derided like the ‘idiot box’ for this long, has finally categorical to ‘wise up’. In short, a smart Television can now carry out many of the same functions as a computer or tablet pc, which is superb when you have people over and want to watch ‘The Best of Failblog’ on Youtube. Continue reading The Samsung 22-inch Smart Television that offers too much and takes little

Can a Kenwood Radio be used to Communicate with a Motorola Radio?

To answer your question (that is, after all, why I’m here): It depends entirely on which models you are planning to use. For example, if you had two PMR446 variants that were both on the same band, they ought to work fine (even if one was Kenwood and the other was Motorola).

If two radios are the same basic type and set to the same channel, then I don’t personally see why they wouldn’t work. However, if they aren’t of the same type, then they probably won’t work, it’s that simple.

Two-way radio technology is both simpler than you’d think it would be and more complicated than it first appears (if that makes sense), so its always best to make sure you have access to good kit that is easy to use. Personally, (if it is at all possible for you) I’d suggest spending out a bit and getting a new set, I’ll explain why below…

Your question does incur a dangerous element, so I feel I’d better warn you. Make sure that you understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your license covers the frequency you are using. For most of the frequencies you’d likely to be using in order to connect the two devices, a special license is required. Transmitting without a license is a serious crime and you could spend up to two years in prison.

As ‘Robert J’ from ‘Yahoo! Answers’, suggests, the reason it’s considered to be so serious an offence is because you can actually endanger lives by interrupting radio transmissions from ambulances or police cars. I hate to sound like a square here, but in this instance, the rules exist for a reason.

Anyway, you really need to do your homework on this one and it may actually turn out to be easier and cheaper for you to just buy a new set of radios from either Kenwood or Motorola. If you were running a business, I’d go as far as to actually recommend you take this step.

However, if you’re only using the radios for personal projects, then provided you check them out and stick to the rules, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Samsung’s 42 inches of pure perfection

It’s a simple mistake to make I presume. I work in the dark and, as a result, am often scarcely getting up at midday. At time of writing, it is just gone 4AM (and I don’t expect to be asleep for a minimum another hour). So, I groggily say goodbye to my gf as she gets up for work at 7AM whereas I doze until about 10.30 or 11.00, before getting up and planning to work on my ‘fun’ tasks like internet comics, novels and attending internet literature seminars. Continue reading Samsung’s 42 inches of pure perfection

Bit Torrent Site Gets Axed, Owner Forced to Pay £68m to MPAA

Bit Torrent website IsoHunt.com, a popular website that specializes in downloadable content, is being shut down following a court settlement.


The site, which was founded in 2003, was extremely popular with users. Some 7.4 million viewers had visited the site within three years of it going live. At its peak, Isohunt received an average of 40 million searches a month.


In response to the California court’s ruling, IsoHunt’s founder Gary Fung wrote on his blog that “its sad to see my baby go”. Continue reading Bit Torrent Site Gets Axed, Owner Forced to Pay £68m to MPAA

Will I be Able to Hear Bone Conduction Headphones Even if I Wear Earplugs?

Because bone conduction bypasses the ear entirely and directly stimulates the ossicles (which is the scientific name for the tiny bones that reside in your inner ear, as well as the rationale behind comic book hero Daredevil’s athletic prowess), it is entirely possible to stick your ear plugs in and still listen to your ‘Bonephones’.


In some respects, it’s actually preferable. Y’see Nick, using headphones is fine and dandy, until you have to turn the volume all the way up in order to drown out noisy children, busy traffic and/or people shouting into their phones all around you. After that, if you increase the volume to too great a degree, you can expose your ears to sounds that can actually permanently damage your hearing. Continue reading Will I be Able to Hear Bone Conduction Headphones Even if I Wear Earplugs?

The Long Road Home: Radios used on Transport Systems and Fleets

According to the UK Government, there were an estimated 5.2 billion bus passenger journeys undertaken on our roads in 2011/2012. Public and private transportation is not only big business; it is also of massive importance to the smooth running of the country.

Whilst only 14% of the UK’s 25 million commuters travel to work by bus or train, this still accounts for over 1.7 million people. In order for a country this reliant on public transport to survive and thrive, it is absolutely imperative that transport workers can communicate with each other in a quick, efficient manner, fuelling an industry that, by necessity, spans the length and breadth of the nation. Continue reading The Long Road Home: Radios used on Transport Systems and Fleets

imagine a planet without hard drives

We live increasingly virtual lives. As I type this, my external hard drives are home to a library of music, books in PDF form, several movies and my every photo I’ve taken in the last five years.


Once upon a time, floppy discs were adequate enough to store all data, which could be retrieved as and when needed. Now, however, with computers enhancing so much of our daily lives, the storage capacity required is simply too much. Continue reading imagine a planet without hard drives

What could be the best LG 42 inch LED TV on the marketplace at the moment

If you believe long and hard about it, you have maybe owned a bit of LG electronic gear at some point in your life. The corporation have been supplying class products since ’47, beginning with chemicals and plastics and going from there. LG actually make rather a lot of things, however the South Korean firm is maybe best recognized for its electronics products.


The newest LG 42 ” LED Television is likely to become one of the most observable of that aforementioned LG products in the coming months. New in 2013, this novel all-singing, all-dancing smart Telly is, to state it mildly, absolutely gob-smacking. Continue reading What could be the best LG 42 inch LED TV on the marketplace at the moment

Are PS4 games improving or is it just me?

Where do the latest Playstation 4 games sit on the Pantheon of the PS4? Let’s have a look-see.


A couple weeks ago, I turned on.

“Well, with a little trepidation I’ve finally done it” the update read “I’ve bought my own detached house. It has all appliances I could need and a beautiful thatched roof”

I was surprised and impressed by this news, Bob is only a little older than me. I didn’t know he’d had that much success, however. Quite what (or who) he’d pulled off to suddenly get this kind of money. Worked. We had fun.  He moved away and we didn’t really talk until I randomly met him on a train some years later. We still shared common ground. I was about to post a long message congratulating Bob on his newfound success when I noticed the final two words to his status. Yes, Bob has the perfect place and yes, it has appliances and a thatched roof…On Skyrim. I groaned and joined the legion of talking heads telling him what a nerd. Continue reading Are PS4 games improving or is it just me?

BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”

Physics Professor Brian Cox has determined that time travel is theoretically possible and that time machines could one day be a reality.

The British professor, who is also a TV Presenter and pop musician (having some success with the Northern Irish band D:Ream in the 1990’s), used Dr. Who’s famous TARDIS as a broad example of the type of time machine that he believes to be theoretically possible as well as scientifically sound. Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”

Kenwood 2-pin and kenwood multi pin connectors, what earpieces work on which 2 way radio?

The very best types are the two-pin connector and also the multi-pin connector. The 2 pin type features two connector pins along with the multi-pin model features multiple pins. Any variation in functionality is mostly a subject of customer discretion.

The 2-pin connector’s piece includes an in-line PTT (push-to-talk) key and a in-built mic. It also has a surveillance audio tube and comes complete with the apparel clip. This Kenwood radio earpiece is for just over £20 (excluding shipping and handling fees).

The multi-pin connected earpiece is a different type of connector completely. However, the earpiece is the same, since it also features an in-line PTT button, a in-built mic, surveillance tube and clothing clip. The price is a little bit more than the 2-pin variety.

Both types of Kenwood earpiece can be improved by spending more money and can include features like the ‘swivel’ earloop, for bigger ease of use and comfort, a noise-reduction characteristic with the steel clothing clip (replacing the synthetic version).

The types of connectors similar with Kenwood 2 way radios are imperfect in comparison with some other manufacturers, but Kenwood identify when to focus on a certain area, because at times less is more.

Kenwood radios may only link via two types of connector, but their gear is among one of the best in the world. A Kenwood walkie talkie consumer will not have to spend undue time searching his/her choices and researching them before purchase, provided the connector/earpiece falls into one of their two aforementioned categories, then the equipment works fine.

EarpieceOnline have been producing quality products since 2007 and they have a long history of trust, client devotion and cutting edge equipment. Because of this, Kenwood earpieces are popular and usually sell on the internet..

For More information on the full range of Kenwood earpieces visit www.earpieceonline.co.uk

Why are there many connectors for Icom earpieces?

The four different Icom radio earpiece connectors connect the earpiece in question to four different types of two-way radio or, at least, four different types of connector.

Generally, it is good advice to make absolutely sure that your chosen earpiece can connect with the radio you intend to use. Not all radios use the same fittings, which is why there are so many different types of connector available.

A straight pin connector, for example, works best when used on marine radios, but is also compatible with Maxon and Vertex radios. Another thing to take into account is the activity that the earpiece is going to be used for. If the user is going to be standing still for prolonged periods of time, then he/she may require a different type to the one that may be preferable if the user is going to be engaging in strenuous exercise.

Two-way radios are used in a great many distinct environments, including shopping centers, building sites, roadway maintenance, fleet and transport operations, shipping, factory floor work, security, healthcare, private transport and much more besides. Because of this, there are many different types of earpiece connectors.

The four available Icom earpiece connectors indicate the jobs that the compatible two-way radios were likely designed for. This does not necessarily mean that an Icom radio would be unsuitable for other work, just that it is probably particularly suited to a certain type of job.

The different connectors also have distinct methods of working, even though their basic external operations are usually indistinguishable from one another. Icom have gone to great lengths to make their earpieces among the best in the world. One way they have done this is by allowing the earpiece connectors to be tailor made for specific tasks.

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